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We're challenging typical political campaigns that say people don't vote because they don't care. Instead we'll treat everyone like they matter, talk openly about process, and show how digital can be used ethically to build communities and inspire civic engagement.

Awesome! First things first — where do you think you'll be living in June 2018? *

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Thanks for sharing! A few quick questions about how often you vote —

Did you vote in the last Presidential election?

Do you typically vote in state and local elections?

What's stopped you from voting in other elections?

What other barriers have held you back from voting?

What would make you more likely to vote in a primary election?

Do you feel like your vote matters more in 2018?

Now let's take a few minutes to talk issues. How relevant are all of these topics to you and your community?

Gender equality


Climate change

Affordable housing

Criminal justice reform

Higher education

LGBTQIA rights

Racial justice


Gun control

Transit & infrastructure

Voter suppression

Any issues on your mind that we didn't mention?

How would you describe your position on most economic issues?

How would you describe your stance on social issues?

Awesome! Let's switch gears. How can we be helpful to you?

There are a TON of brilliant groups already making change locally. What should we share about them?

When it comes to taking action, which activities are most enjoyable for you?

Which issues would you be willing to take actions for?

If we did some digging to create smart articles or videos, what would you want to learn more about?

Anything else that would make it easier and more rewarding to take civic action?

Almost done! Just a few more basic questions so we can follow up and share what we've learned.

Do you know what congressional district you live in?

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